Jannik Lorenzen

Freelance Web Developer

Young aspiring developer from Germany, residing on the sunny island of Malta, working on web projects for international customers, interested in aviation and politics.

  • Very Good PHP 5 & 7
  • Very Good MySQL
  • Good PostgreSQL
  • Good HTML & CSS
  • Good JavaScript
  • Good jQuery
  • Advanced Angular
  • Basic Dojo

Skills & Experience

When I started out as a developer I focused on backend development mostly, gaining experience not only in PHP, but also various database systems including PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I started shifting my focus to frontend in 2016 and extended my knowledge by working on projects utilising JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js and lately Dojo.

Experience with version control (git, svn), unit- and integration testing, apache, nginx and frameworks like Zend and Laravel complete my skill set.

In January 2015 I acquired a certificate as Professional Scrum Master.


Current Assignments & Projects

Modix GmbH

Website: modix.de

Modix is offering digital automotive marketing solutions. Customers include world-renowned car manufacturers like Audi and Volvo.

I started working for Modix in August 2016 and I'm currently supporting their international team as backend developer.

PHP MySQL JavaScript Dojo Zend

InnoGames GmbH

Website: innogames.de

InnoGames is a major online cross-platform game developer. Games include titles like Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars.

I started working for InnoGames in March 2016 and I'm currently working on The West as full-stack developer.

PHP PostgreSQL jQuery JavaScript Node.js

Apson KG

Website: apson.at

Apson is a start-up company from Austria producing custom-made shirts to their customers in Austria, Germany and Italy.

I started working on a back-office application for Apson in April 2016 and successfully finished the project in June 2016.

PHP MySQL jQuery JavaScript

Availability, Rates & Locations

I'm currently available for sporadic work assignments - up to a weekly limit of ten hours.
I'll be accepting full-time projects again starting from the 1st of August 2017.
Starting from 2017 the hourly rate for remote work starts at 40,00 EUR exclusive of VAT and project specific surcharges.
Please enquire with full project details to receive a quote for on-site project hourly rates.
I prefer projects that allow full remote work, I'm also ready to assist projects in the following locations for up to 3 days per week:

Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf
Italy: Rome, Milan, Catania
United Kingdom: London, Manchester
Belgium: Brussels
Switzerland: Zurich
Austria: Vienna

Other locations on request.

Get in contact!

Are you interested in working together or have a question? You can reach out for me using this form.
I'm usually trying to answer enquiries within a day.